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Bridge Replacement Over the Williams River

in West Stockbridge, MA

Under MassDOT’s Accelerated Bridge Program, JHM replaced a structurally deficient 1927 bridge that carried two lanes of traffic over the Williams River.  JHM demolished the old 50 foot, single span concrete T-beam superstructure consisting of a concrete deck and bituminous concrete wearing surface. Maxymillian’s 240 ton crane picked the large, heavy demolition pieces and loaded them onto trucks for off-site removal. JHM replaced the existing bridge with a new 73 foot long, 35 feet wide superstructure consisting of NEXT Beams with a concrete deck. The bridge replacement was performed in 2 stages.  An earth support system of soldier beam, lagging and tiebacks was installed down the center of the bridge to maintain traffic flow on one side of the road, while working on the other half.  The full scope included installing a new bridge rail, safety signing, wetland creation, and pavement markings. 

Contract Value: $3,000,000

Concrete Retaining Wall Replacement Adjacent to Rt. 9 at Bridge #C-21-023 over the Westfield Brook in Cummington, MA

JHM replaced a failed major retaining wall located along Route 9.  Prior to commencing wall demolition and construction, JHM designed and installed a temporary earth support system above the failed wall for slope protection and constructed access to the channel elevation. JHM then installed water control/diversion from the work area, removed sections of the failed wall, constructed sections of new concrete walls, removed debris from Hurricane Irene, installed rip rap, backfilled, and restored the existing slope.   

Contract Value: $3,000,000

JHM has an extensive portfolio of projects, ranging from small road repairs to major bridge reconstruction and extensive site development.  JHM  has also completed hundreds of Immediate Response projects over the past 40 years, including emergency construction repair at 25 disaster sites in western Massachusetts after Hurricane Irene. These response activities, which utilized 50% of the company's manpower and equipment, extended over seven months with an approximate dollar value of $15M.   JHM won the American Public Works Association Project of the Year Award for Disaster or Emergency Construction Repair as a result of our efforts.  

Highlights of a few of our key projects are listed below.

I-90 Toll Booth Demolition & Reconstruction
Lee & West Stockbridge, MA

In this high profile project, JHM completed the full demolition and reconstruction of the Mass Turnpike Toll Booth Plazas 1 & 2. JHM completed all work on or ahead of schedule and achieved 100% of MassDOT incentive goals. The fast tracked pace involved the following JHM scope: 29,000 CY of earth excavation; 27,000 CY of rock removal; 23,000 CY of rock and demolition debris recycling to create gravel for roadway subbase; over 200 drainage structure installations; more than 11,000 FT of drainage pipe; 5,000 FT of fiber optic duck banks; 93,000 SY of pavement milling; over 36,000 tons of asphalt laid; over 1 mile of asphalt saw cutting; over 4 miles of granite curbing installation; 33,000 ton of new pavement; 8.5 miles of line striping; 22,000 FT of guardrail work; 5,000 CY of topsoil; and over an acre of seeding and landscaping. 

Contract Value: $17,000,000 

Retaining Wall Replacement along a Section of Route 116 and the South River in Conway, MA

JHM replaced a failing retaining wall along Route 116. The project scope included replacing the existing retaining wall with a longer wall, widening the river channel by constructing a new wall behind the existing wall, and installing boulder deflectors and sediment trapping log structures along the channel bed in front of the wall. Site restoration work included pavement milling and overlay, minor drainage improvements, and re-setting the existing guardrail.

Contract Value: Over $3,300,000

Sawyer Library Demolition and New Quad at Williams College in Williamstown, MA

This was a $12 million, multi-phased renovation that created an innovative, new green space/academic Quad in the heart of the Williams College campus.  The extensive, fast-tracked project scope was completed in two phases.

In Phase 1, JHM demolished the Sawyer Library and installed temporary sidewalks and turf that would be replaced in Phase 2 with the new Quad landscaping. Before collapsing the library into its footprint, a custom 4 story beam/netting shield was erected to protect the occupied school buildings less than 25’ away. Over 7,000 CY of demo material was crushed on-site and combined with 5,000 CY of local borrow to backfill the cellar hole. JHM also constructed the new Stetson Plaza, the new North Parking Lot, and a new Chapin Hall Drive South. In Phase 2, 8 JHM crews and 16 subs were adeptly coordinated 8-10 hours/day to demo, hardscape and landscape the entire 3.4 acre space in only 12 weeks. 

Contract Value:$12,000,000

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Farnham Reservoir Dam - Phase I & II Maintenance in Pittsfield, MA

Extensive Phase 1 work consisted of: concrete demo and repair of the dam and archway facing, demo and replacement of topping slab and coping blocks along the dam crest, demo of the gatehouse superstructure, asbestos removal, piping and value inspection and replacement.

To remove coping blocks and deteriorated concrete from the Dam crest, JHM designed, engineered and constructed a unique demo shield consisting of a truss scaffold system.

In Phase 2, JHM continued extensive dam maintenance operations and installed a new culvert. On the upstream dam face, JHM removed de-laminated shotcrete and sediment, filled voids and installed a geo-composite liner system.  JHM removed all deteriorated concrete from the spillway archway, chute, splash pad and training walls and installed new cement mortar and blocks. 

Contract Value: $6,000,000 

GRS-IBS Bridge Replacement

over Housatonic RR in Sheffield, MA

JHM was awarded the ENR 2015 Best Small Project for this bridge reconstruction project, the first Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) of it's kind designed and constructed in Massachusetts. JHM provided labor, materials, and equipment required for the replacement of Bridge No. S-10-023, which carries Route 7A/Ashley Falls Road over the active Housatonic Railroad. JHM installed a single span, 105' steel; multi-girder structure on a 30-degree skew with GRS abutments founded on reinforced soil foundations. The abutments work together with the integrated approach and superstructure, resulting in a GRS-IBS bridge. This method provided minimal disruption to the community and train traffic below. Using GRS-IBS on this multi-million dollar project saved 49% compared to the original design that featured conventional construction.  

Contract Value: $2,693,000