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Concrete Retaining Wall Replacement Adjacent to Rt. 9 at Bridge #C-21-023 over the Westfield Brook in Cummington, MA

JHM replaced a failed major retaining wall located along Route 9.  Prior to commencing wall demolition and construction, JHM designed and installed a temporary earth support system above the failed wall for slope protection and constructed access to the channel elevation. JHM then installed water control/diversion from the work area, removed sections of the failed wall, constructed sections of new concrete walls, removed debris from Hurricane Irene, installed rip rap, backfilled, and restored the existing slope.   

Contract Value: $3,000,000 (Work in Progress)

Hadley Overpass Bridge Rehabilitation in North Adams, MA

JHM rehabilitated the 72 year old State St. Bridge ("Hadley Overpass") that carries Route 8 over the B&M Railroad, and the south branch of the Hoosic River. JHM phased construction in order to maintain 2 lane traffic flow while reconstructing the existing 14 span bridge in the same footprint. Bridge upgrades included the concrete abutments and pier bents, and the removal and replacement of the entire bridge superstructure including bearings, steel stringers, concrete deck, sidewalk and railings. Extensive site work included approach roadways, sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, parking spaces, signage, and lighting.    

Contract Value: $33,900,000

JHM has an extensive portfolio of projects, ranging from small road repairs to major bridge reconstruction and extensive site development.  JHM  has also completed hundreds of Immediate Response projects over the past 40 years, including emergency construction repair at 25 disaster sites in western Massachusetts after Hurricane Irene. These response activities, which utilized 50% of the company's manpower and equipment, extended over seven months with an approximate dollar value of $15M.   JHM won the American Public Works Association Project of the Year Award for Disaster or Emergency Construction Repair as a result of our efforts.  

Highlights of a few of our key projects are listed below.

Retaining Wall Replacement along a Section of Route 116 and the South River in Conway, MA

JHM replaced a failing retaining wall along Route 116. The project scope included replacing the existing retaining wall with a longer wall, widening the river channel by constructing a new wall behind the existing wall, and installing boulder deflectors and sediment trapping log structures along the channel bed in front of the wall. Site restoration work included pavement milling and overlay, minor drainage improvements, and re-setting the existing guardrail.

Contract Value: Over $3,300,000

Sawyer Library Demolition and New Quad at Williams College in Williamstown, MA

Maxymillian completed a two year, multi-phased project that included demolishing and removing the old 4-story Sawyer Library, parking lot reconstruction, and creating a new green space and academic Quad in the heart of the Williams College campus. In Phase 1, JHM, Inc. implemented several unique, cost saving and LEED-compliant measures during Sawyer Library demolition operations. The following summer JHM completed Phase 2 which involved demolishing the old 3.4 acre Quad and building a new Sawyer Quad with open green space, a Storm Water Garden drainage structure, extensive plantings, sidewalks and granite steps surrounded by large marble blocks - all designed to create gathering opportunities and accommodate large outdoor events.   

Contract Value:$12,000,000

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Farnham Reservoir Dam - Phase I & II Maintenance in Pittsfield, MA

Extensive Phase 1 work consisted of: concrete demo and repair of the dam and archway facing, demo and replacement of topping slab and coping blocks along the dam crest, demo of the gatehouse superstructure, asbestos removal, piping and value inspection and replacement.

To remove coping blocks and deteriorated concrete from the Dam crest, JHM designed, engineered and constructed a unique demo shield consisting of a truss scaffold system.

In Phase 2, JHM continued extensive dam maintenance operations and installed a new culvert. On the upstream dam face, JHM removed de-laminated shotcrete and sediment, filled voids and installed a geo-composite liner system.  JHM removed all deteriorated concrete from the spillway archway, chute, splash pad and training walls and installed new cement mortar and blocks. 

Contract Value: $6,000,000 

Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) Blasting in Becket, MA

JHM completed a series of complex blasting and rock removal operations on the eastbound portion of I-90.  At the base of the ledge cut, rock was blasted and removed to increase the catchment area to 350'.  Sitting on the ledge 150' above the Turnpike, JHM employed hi ramming, drilling and other rock splitting techniques to effectively remove a loose portion of ledge rock in a controlled manner, preventing it from eventually falling into the highway traffic below. Work also included earth work, pavement milling and overlay, line painting and guardrail installation.    

Contract Value: $4,270,000