Pile Driving

JHM is experienced in driving steel, concrete and timber piles.  Our skilled in-house engineering staff is knowledgeable in determining a system that meets the needs of the structure, site conditions and budget.​


JHM has the required general construction equipment and experienced personnel, to execute the demolition of buildings, bridges, dams, and all related structures.


JHM has successfully completed multiple rock blasting contracts for ledge removal along high traffic roadways throughout Massachusetts.  

Form & Concrete Work

JHM has extensive experience self-performing on-site form and concrete work related to road reconstruction, sidewalks, walkways and building foundations and construction.


JHM owns and operates an extensive fleet of earth moving equipment.  Our equipment is available for both large and small scale earth moving projects, and can be rapidly mobilized in emergency response situations. 

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Dam Construction & Rehabilitation

JHM has provided construction, removal, reconstruction and repair of dam structures for clients such as the Mass DCR, local municipalities, and private Fortune 500 companies. Work often includes: cofferdam installation, erosion control, riverbank stabilization, wetlands mitigation, gates and controls.

Highway & Road Construction

JHM frequently provides single or multi-lane construction and reconstruction activities of all size and scope for the MassDOT and local municipalities. Activities include excavation, grading, stone masonry, borrow installation and compaction, sewer, water and utility installations, railroad crossings, erosion control, traffic control, bike path construction, landscaping and signage. 

Jacking & Tunneling

Over the past four decades, JHM has successfully performed complex jacking and tunneling operations for state, utility, and private clients throughout the region. 

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Utility Installation

JHM has installed, rehabilitated, and replaced water and sewer installations for clients such as the City of Pittsfield, the Town of Lenox, and other municipalities.

​​​As a full-scale general contracting company, we have nearly five decades of civil and heavy construction experience with hundreds of successfully completed projects.  JHM maintains an excellent record of completing projects on time.With the ability to self-perform the majority of site operations, an extensive fleet of company-owned equipment and specialized office support, JHM can quickly mobilize the right equipment and personnel for all aspects of any construction project.

Site Development

JHM has completed a wide range of site development projects for clients such as Williams College, Berkshire Medical Center, the Pittsfield Economic Development Authority, and for local wind and solar farms.

Bridge Construction, Replacement & Reconstruction

JHM has completed hundreds of single and multi-span bridge construction, replacement and reconstruction projects for the MassDOT.  JHM owns an extensive fleet of general and heavy construction equipment, and has experienced superintendents to complete multiple bridge projects concurrently. 

Sheeting & Shoring

JHM designs and installs both straightforward and complex sheeting and shoring systems.  In-house professional and structural engineers provide timely solutions to excavation challenges.